I am a trained birth and postpartum doula living in Central Massachusetts.  

I believe that all birthing people deserve the support, continuity of care, and knowledge that doulas provide. I aim to support you and the choices that you have decided are best suited to your family and unique circumstances. For you, this may mean hospital birth or home birth, single or partnered, epidural or "all natural," breastfeeding or formula, co-sleeping or not, or anything in between!

There are so many choices surrounding your pregnancy, birth, and parenting, and I believe there is no one "correct" way. I support anyone making informed and safe choices. My goal as a doula is to help you have the birth that you want and then to ease the transition into your life of new parenthood. While I can't make choices or medical decisions for you, I can provide the tools to help you make informed and healthy choices for you and your baby.